Okay. So I am a Folk/Fingerstyle/Alt-Country musician and have been playing regionally for about a year now. I am in need of a good acoustic-electric stage guitar. I have had a Yairi DY61 for about 5 years now and still think it is the greatest guitar ever. So when I was looking for a new guitar naturally I chose another Yairi. BIG MISTAKE. I found out Yairi had been bought by a money-hungry corporate nightmare of a company called LOUD and their products have gone to hell. All the good reps were fired, they started snubbing long-time dealers and so on. I bought a Yairi ADY1 Ani DiFranco model right when they changed hands and have had so many problems since. It has been four months now and I still don't have my registration info, warranty, or even my freaking case! Let alone the finish flaws and trim problems I discovered a week after I had it. The flaws only show in the stage lights and when they do they are awful. So I am going back to the music store to curse at them and hopefully get my money back. Which leaves the million dollar question: What do I buy now? If anyone could help me I would be so appreciative. Here are the must haves:

1. Has to be Cedar top because of all the fingerstyle I play.
2. Has to be under 2 grand.
3. No fancy crap. I hate gaudy guitars. I don't even like dot inlays but I will tolerate them
4. Has to have preamp controls on guitar because I go from strumming to fingers alot.
5. Has to have a good neck. I play alot of Kaki King style stuff so the more electric the better.

Please help me someone. If you want to make a suggestion based on my style check out myspace.com/nickhaysmusic. I would buy a custom but I have a pretty big show October 7th so I kind of need it quick. Thanks.
Do you mind if it's Nylon, cause I know a great guitar company that makes very good acoustic-electrics, if not I can search for a steel string acoustic-electric.
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schecter damien 7 is one monster of a guitar.

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maybe have a look on www.johnlevoiguitars.co.uk they're damned good.
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Do you mind if it's Nylon, cause I know a great guitar company that makes very good acoustic-electrics, if not I can search for a steel string acoustic-electric.

Yeah I love nylons and actually have my eye on a Manuel Rodriguez classical but only as a second......or in my case, fourth guitar. I need a steel-string for my live workhorse.
Okay, thanks to all of you that took the time to offer your help. I went back to the store where I bought the ADY1 and found out the guy I had been dealing with was......*ahem*.....let go. So the new guy was really nice and gave me a full store credit and all of that. I not only found my dream guitar half off but had enough extra to pick up a djembe, a new Shure Beta 58 for vocals, cords and stands and a capo! I wound up buying a Yairi DY91C after wading my way through tons of crappy overpriced Gibsons and Martins. I love it! Play one and you'll understand. Plus the koa b/s are beautiful! Thanks again.
wow rly beautiful guitar, still cant believe u got a guitar with koa b/s for half off
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For a travel guitar check out the new carbon composite guitars. Windsong and Composite Acoustics are both great sounding guitars. They are virtually indestructible so won't ding and dent. You won't need to tune as often as the carbon composite does not expand in humidity or when the temp goes up or shrink when the temp goes down. I've heard them and they are absolutely awesome.

Well worth a look before you buy.