So ive been wanting to go to across the universe for some time now and me and some friends were gonna go on saturday. i just looked for showtimes and found out that it isnt playing anywhere near me! is it only in select theaters or something? Anybody else have this happen to them? Im pissed.. this movie looks amazing!
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stairway to heaven has a solo?!?!
I thought it didn't come out until the 28th. And I agree, it does look amazing.
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Is this the movie with all The Beatles song?

It's going to ruin it
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They're all covers, but "Think" was actually written by Urethra Franklin.

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Yeah its the one with all the beatles songs. Its romance musical i guess.. still looks good tho

Edit: It comes out tomorrow. and it was on a limited north american release since the 14th.
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stairway to heaven has a solo?!?!
I think it seems like its gonna be good, i'm going to see it on sunday with my cousin.
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yeah, it's only in select theaters...and it looks great, hopefully they play it nearby where I live
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I heard it sucks ass. I read a review saying that all the covers were awful and it took all the songs out of context.
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well i guess ill just have to wait for it to come out on dvd. Tell me how it is
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stairway to heaven has a solo?!?!
It's not showing anywhere around here even after the full release date .
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its a film?i thought you were high
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