I have a problem with my whammy bar in my strat. Basically it doesn't stay in a fixed position, it flops down. I would like it in a position sort of parallel to the strings because i use the ba a lot. Right now i have to move shift the bar into position.
It is a screw type.

Do any of u guys have this problem, and is there anyway to fix it?

Unfortunately I don't think there are screw-in tremolo arms that can be set into a certain position, so your going to have to live with it I'm affraid...
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i have the same guitar. there is nothing u can really do about it. dont screw it in very tight or else you can strip the screw!!!
Does it screw in or pop in??? If it pops in like my 2005 Strat Deluxe if you take out the tremelo there are two allen key slots that you can tighten to hold the bar in place.
I think it "flops down" for a reason, you will find it in the way and hit it when not intended if it were parallel to the strings
what about david gilmour's whammy though?
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You could try wrapping some Teflon tape around the threads.
Gilmour installed a custom-built system in it, I think. shorter bar, so he can keep it in hand while playing. uh, there was a link to it somewhere, lemme find it....

In any case, it still flops down when he's not holding it......least, think it does....

EDIT: can't find any info on whether or not it's custom built, but it definately has a shorter bar...
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Quote by x5_spoonman

I have a problem with my whammy bar in my strat. Basically it doesn't stay in a fixed position, it flops down.

Dude, that's the way it's supposed to work.

Screw it too much and you tear the threads.

If you want it stiff, find a retractable pen, break the top of the pen, retrieve the spring and slip the spring in the trem bar hole of the trem block.

This strat tip is like 40 years old !
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if u want it to stop in a different spot, you can wrap the threads once with a thin layer of plumbers tape. you will fit tighter. see if u like where it is. if not then take it back out try to wrap it in a different way.

^haha, yeah or pop in a trem spring. compressing it until u find ur sweet spot

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its meant to flop around. as people have said you will find it VERY annoying when you dont want to use it. if you must have it fixed id try and duck tape it on (careful not to get any on the paint). cant say anything on the previous ideas but they sounds like theyll work!
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