ok guys i'm really stuck on this. I've recently decided on getting a Peavey Valveking after trying different amps and hearing this one's tone and power. But upon going to the music store and playing the 212 and then a Peavey half stack (100 watt head and 4x12 cab) i couldn't decide whether to spend an extra 100 to get the half stack or stick with the 212 combo. I play hard rock/hardcore and just play in a garage band but we're looking to do gigs in the near future. Everyone tells me its just a pain in the ass to lug around a half stack but its really just gonna stay put in my garage except for when I take it to gigs. So input please? 212 or halfstack?
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Teh 2x12 would probably be an equally big pain considering it's weight. However, which one you get depends on the size of the venues you intend to play at. And if you do end up getting the 2x12 and want to get more volume, you can always just get a 4x12 cab and plug it in to get a 3/4-stack
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depends on which head it is, and btw a half stack is a lot easier to haul than the VK.
the VK weighs a ton, and with a HalfStack, the weight is split into 2 parts. much easier IMO
DUDE.. SERIOUSLY, buy the head but DO NOT buy the matching cab, hook it up to a marshall cab (I use a 1936 2x12) it will sound SOOOOO much better than the standard cab u really will not belive!! I cannot stress that enough! lol
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