My guitarist wrote a pretty good song, but during the guitar solos he rote me playing 24 bars of straight sixteenth notes, and i can help but get a hand cramp sometime during it. I can't find a metronome online that works at 480 bpm without sound clipping, and i can't count to 4 in my head while counting beats. What's the best way to train for this speed?
Start slow and work your way up. Use tremolo/alternate picking... that is if you use a pick (Sorry, I thought I was in the electric guitar forum lol)
I hear some bassists use 3 fingers instead of two, you could try and get a technique with that.
Yeah try to be soft on the strings, plucking too hard will put too much strength in your fingers instead of focusing on speed.
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invest in a for real tuner you can take evrywhere and practice an easy natural scale and play it with a metronome untill you can play confterbly fast

then play a slightly awkword scale and play it at a lesser speed and work it up to the speed of the. more comfertable one then increase speed of the comfterble scale and work on the uncomfterble one. wash, repeat

this might help you get faster in general a decent work out.
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and i can't count to 4 in my head while counting beats

That needs serious work right now then; if you can't count 16ths then practice it.

And there is no substitute for hard graft when it come to stamina; absolutely no other way.
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For the counting problem, here's a solution: 1-e-&-a, 2-e-&-a, 3-e-&-a, 4-e-&-a. It breaks it down into 16ths for you. Then just start it out slow and eventually speed it up to the tempo you want it.
Go slow and spped it up is the only way No magic tricks, just practise.
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