Well, I'm restringing my guitar... It's relatively new, its only been restrung a couple times.

I wanna clean up the fretboard, but I don't know what to use. I can't go out and get a fretboard cleaner from GC or anything, so how can I clean it at my house?

Also, I heard that you should should restring it one string at a time, but that seems difficult to clean the neck. Can I take them all off and then put them all on?

I have an epiphone les paul standard.

Thanks in advance.
It's fine to take them all off and put them back on again every once in a while, just don't make a habit of it.
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I don't have any steel wool or oil, i don't think. (well what kind of oil would i need? I dont haev lemon oil.)

Is there any way I can clean it with something I should have in my house?
I dunno but maybe try some rubbing alcohol?

And just like a nice cloth or rag should work.
you could use and old tooth brush to scrub the frets.. alcohol would work, and any wood cleaning product would work.
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could I just use Pledge or something? is normal wood cleaner okay? I thought that would be bad for the guitar?
i use windex :/. i never play my guitar when my hands are dirty, and my hands dont sweat much, so yea lol.