Alright, my current rig is a piece of **** Fullerton bass run through a Boss ODB-3 Overdrive Pedal into a Ibanez SW-100 combo amp. When I'm not playing, I can hear the radio playing very, very softly through my amp. It's not a GINANTIC problem, but we don't have any good radio stations around here, so does anyone have any advice on how to NOT get the radio in their amp?
Try moving the amp to a different place. Mine does that when I use the wah and my amps in certain areas.
my wireless headphones pick uo phone signals and i can hear the neighbour on the phone
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that happens with every amp. just move it

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my wireless headphones pick uo phone signals and i can hear the neighbour on the phone

now thats cool
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There's something microphonic somewhere in your chain. I don't think it's the actual amp that's picking up the radio; it's just playing it. If your bass has a crappy single coil pickup, that could be what's picking up the radio. Also, horrible cables pick up the radio as well.

My mic cable's connected to a pretty shake connection and it sometimes LOUDLY picks up the radio. More than a few times I was singing and then some asshole from the radio comes on my monitor and decides to advertise life insurance in the middle of my song.
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It's normal. My lead guitarist's amp pick's up Police channels sometimes too.
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