the choice is between:

randall rg75g3 (400EUR=547USD)
peavey bandit 112 (300EUR=410USD)

what would be better choice considering i'm after higain? cleans are important, but not that important.

the second question - there's also a full tube, randall rg50-tc, but that's like 150EUR's more expensive. is it so much better than rg75g3 that i should sacrifice the 150EUR (200USD)?

thanks for advice!
I am a Peavey fan, and I have been using them for years. Both the cleans and the distortion are very good, they sound very warm and "tubey." Try before you buy. I have heard mixed reviews on the Randall rg50, but have not played one.
thanks for a reply, but you see, there's the problem, i haven't found neither the peavey nor randall in the shops nearby. but -- considering the prices and as for the reading i've done sofar, i'm afraid these amps could be my only choices at the moment.

so any other thoughts and recommendations would be welcome.
Well I hate to see you go on recommedations to buy an amp. Everyone has a little different idea. Is there anything near you that you can try out? Since you said you are after high gain that means different things to different people. Metal players seem to be pretty sold on the Roland Cube series, that might be the safest thing to order from the internet.
Look around to see if you can find a Laney LC30 to buy.
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i guess randall rg50-tc is out of the question. There was something in it's tone i didn't like.

So, i have been excluding a bit and the amps left are these:

peavey bandit 112 (SS) - ~300EUR
peavey bravo 112 25W (full tube) not sure yet, but under 400EUR
laney LC15 (full tube) 350EUR + distortion pedal (rocktron rampage)

As for the higain i'm looking for - i uploaded one sample.

Any advice?

You won't get that sound out of either Peavey, although the ss one could maybe, I haven't tried scooping on the Bandit (I don't play that kind of metal.) They are midrange-voiced and that's midrange scooped. I haven't played Laney.
But those Peaveys with mids scooped? And plus an OD maybe?

Well. I guess it would be easier for me and the others if i'd just tell what my budget is - 300-500EUR, that's 417-684USD, but since the prices are higher in europe so the comparison wouldn't be that.
The tone which i'd like to achieve lies something between those two clips:

The bandit 112 II is one of the best solid state practice amps around. its definitely my favourite for metal from the 15+ other solid states i have owned.

not tried a single randall though!
Should i prefer Bandit to Bravo then? Or the other way around? And what about Fallen Angel 40?

I've heard good things about Bandits, alot of classic Norwegian black metal albums were recorded with old Peavey Bandits.
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Really? : O Where does that information come from? Could you name any particular album?
Varg/Burzum's website mentions he used "Peevee"(sic) amps. Guitar World a few months back had an interview with Emperor and they mentioned they used a Peavey Bandit and another Peavey on In the Nightside Eclipse.

When I find the copy, I'll post quotes and issue.
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Nah, not neccessery, i just wanted to know what were those examples where was that Peavey used. As for those sounds then I personally find 'Nightside eclipse' and older Burzum to be nothing really outstanding - too trebly, raw and powerless.
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