^ Basically I have my last set of strings and I dont want to ruin them if I tried to use one on my acoustic. So, before I try, does anyone know if electric strings on an acoustic will still make it sound good or decent?
it will play better and sound almost as good! DO IT!

If that was true, then there would be no need for Acoustic designed strings. Depending what guage you are using on your acoustic now, you may need to adjust your action.
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I wouldn't do it if they're not the same gauge.

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i dropped some ernie ball .11s on my acoustic (sigma dr41 - martin d41 but cheaper) when i first got it. easier to fret and loads easier to bend but i lost some projection of sound which actually helped out too as i play mostly at night when my girl and the kids are in bed. to quote whitney houston "its not right, but its ok" ouch! thats the first and last time i quote whitney houston. i promise!
Nah you wont break the guitar because the strings will probs be off a lighter gauge, less chance of breaking it over the short term, still good chance of neck warpage without truss rod adjustment in the mid-long term.

If you for whatever reason want lighter gauge strings, buy lighter gauge acoustic strings. You wont get as loud, but you make the compromise.
Dont bother, they wont sound good,and there are better ways to get lighter strings (coughEXTRALIGHTGAUGEACOUSTICSTRINGS!!!!!!cough)