So, I'm playing my Spider II when out of nowhere a popping noise starts coming out of my amp. After that, the ****ing thing starts hissing. I turned it off cause I didn't know what was gonna happen next and I was scared ****less lol. A few minutes later I turn it on and it's still hissing. It's not my cable cause I plugged a couple of different ones in and it still hissed and it's not my guitar cause I plugged my other one in also and the hissing continued. Its gotta be the amp right? If it is, what do you recommend I get as a new amp if the Spiders ****ed? I'm thinking of a Roland Cube 30x cause it's big enough for a small gigs and it has worthwhile distortion without any pedals.


Ps: This is an example of how much a Spider phails for you out there that are considering buying one.
sounds toast
I played my H&K 30DFX against the SpiderIII 75W, and it blew it away
I play with a drummer and the 30DFX certainly stands up

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Congratulations!!!!!!! now you can get a kick ass amp!!
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Get a Roland Cube 60 =D
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you can replace speakers for less than 100$
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I don't think its the speaker, but if you want to check it hook the speaker up to your stereo for a minute. I could be wrong. Either way don't bother fixing it. Unless someone gives you a speaker its not worth it. If you are gigging you are going to need more than 30 watts solid state. A 5 watt tube combo like a Palomino is just as loud and sounds much better, only $200, and you could mic it until you get a larger amp.
Little "Small print" information for ya. Before I know marshall has a policy that if you open the "casting" of any product for "inspection" you void the warranty (assuming you have one)...I wouldnt doubt if Line 6 also has one....so you may want to think about it b/c you pop it open....
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The problem you've described here is 'Line 6 Spider'.
Good Guitars
Good Pedals
Good Amps

That is all.
Have you plugged into any other outlets of your house. I have one in my house that is just not good, very staticy.
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