I'll soon be going looking around for a new amp to replace my crappy MG and I'm wondering if the 112 Valveking would be a good choice. I mostly play classic rock and a bit of metal (not much though). Would the Valveking have enough gain for metal? If not, would I be able to use my Metal Muff to get a decent metal sound? Also, if there are any other amps you would recommend for a low price I'd like that too. It needs to be loud enough to play gig (which I know the Valveking is) and it don't matter if it can't do metal very good because I don't play that on stage, only at home.
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Valvekings are pretty good. My friend has one and it does classic rock great and actually can handle metal so long its not an extreme type.
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yeah, my bro in Last Words plays a valveking and plays metal. you just have to eq the amp right.
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good choice, but i would recommend buying the footswitch and using the amps distortion
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good choice, but i would recommend buying the footswitch and using the amps distortion

I was planning on using the amps distortion for my main playing but using my Metal Muff for metal if I needed it. And I assumed the amp came with the footswitch?
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I got a generic footswitch when I got my valveking, but if you want the good, two-button one, those you have to buy seperately. Around $35-$40 if I remember correctly.
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no it dosent come with the footswitch..

i have one... and meh... its a budget tube amp but yeah its waaaaay better than an MG IMHO.

i also have a metal mufff... and yeah you can get some decent metal sounds out of it and use the amps distortion for lower gain stuff so you dont have to fool with settings..
I play blues and classic rock and it does everything I need very well. If you decide to play metal at gigs at higher volume it would need a speaker upgrade.
The amp is pretty decent but wasn't really meant for metal, it can get close, but if you want metal I would recommend an OD pedal instead of a distortion pedal (unless you try yours and it works for what you want).
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Please dude buy the head and pair it with a marshall cab or just a decent cab!! will sound soooo much better!! soooooo much better!!! anyone using a valveking through the matching cab has to try this so they can back me up lol!!!!

I use the Head with a 1936 marshall cab and it works fine for real metal! you will need to krank it a little to get that real metal sound tho!
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IMO the ValveKing can do almost anything but it has a slight problem in the metal area. It does older metal and stuff like Ozzy alright but for newer and higher gain stuff you'll need a pedal. Since you have the metal muff you should be alright getting it.
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im deciding between a peavey valveking 112 with celestion vintage 30's for $375 or a peavey ultra 212 with footswitch for $390 + shipping

I play everything so i need a versatile amp, but i mostly like to play black metal

this is my first tube amp

Please dont tell me to get something better like the 5150 or 6505 because i cant afford them
The VK's weakest point for metal is the stock speaker. With a Celestion it might nail it. It's going to sound great. You will still need a pedal, but I think it will work. Wait for metal players to post though. I got all the way to Randy Rhoads without the speaker upgrade.