I've had my old Xbox for a while and Live for like 2 years, and at the beginning of the summer, it messed up, saying **** like couldn't find the DNS server and something about IP Adresses. So I haven't played it all month. And I just got a 360 and it's still not working. So basically I wanna get it working this weekend before Halo comes out. Please, if you have any advise or solutions for god's sake tell me. I have a Mac too, just to let you know if that affects the Live solution or anything. Just help a nerd get back to his Live, lol.
Whose your ISP? Your IP address might have been changed.
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call your ISP they should be able to help out
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I use a wireless D-Link bridge. My mom said something about she changing the firewall on our main computer to where the Live comes from, but she doesn't know how to change it back.