ok so ive gotten into punk recently, like REAL punk, like a global threat, monster squad, career soldiers, total chaos, krum bums, etc.

and ive been trying to play, but i cant play fast enough and when i do the pick slips.....so am i holding it wrong? and i see a lot of players playing differently, i rest my palm on the bridge and just use my wrist but thats not really working....
get some Gorilla Snot. I have that issue because my hands get sweaty very quickly. Gorilla snot will fall just short of gluing the pick to your fingers. Either that, or get a pick with a cutout in the middle so it wont twist.
Yhea man i do it the same way and i get fast enough speed, it just takes practice, youll get it eventually, one thing the helped me was learning hwo to play the drums, it made my rihgt h and move faster and a at a cosistent pace, but yeha pratice, and dont just pratcice the punk stuff practice different rhtym styles too, such as ska and funk
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my main thing is the strumming....feels like im too tense and i just use my wrist and just feels extremely tense, what picks do people reccomend
he means a pick slide, it just takes alot of practice, personally, I slide in and start strumming at the 17th fret area and then work down. Its a hard transition.
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No I figured it out, I think he's saying that when he plays really fast his pick slips.
Lol. Not lol'ing at you TS, but cause I misinterpreted it too.

My friend has these really great picks. I think they're called brain? They're thick, nylon, and have really aggressive checkering. It's really nice. Try them out.
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Go on Ebay and look for a brand of picks called Cool. I use nothing else, no matter what style you play these things never slip and it's lots less messier than Gorilla Snot (that stuff's good too).
As far as wrist speed, sounds like muscle tension. You're trying to speed up and you tense your whole arm thinking the harder your force, the faster you'll go. Just the opposite. A metronome's your answer here. Work it up slow and when you start to speed up and feel the tension stop right in the middle of it and freeze your arm. see where the tension is and try to relax it. Go back a bit on the metro a few clicks and start again. Stay at the same temp for awhile and start working back up. With a little time, you'll get to where you want to be.
Another hint: Use as little of the pick as possible. Don't allow more than a 1/4 inch of the pick to stick out. Maybe you're digging the pick too deep...that'll slow you down for sure.
my strings always cut my picks but i like how it looks
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