A Bolt (Strat) for 913 amrerican dollars

wilkinson trem
chrome black hardware
vintage hum in bridge
2 single coils
birdseye maple fingerboard
White White body color
tung Oil finish on body and neck


A SC90 (Les Paul) for 963 bucks

Wilkinson trem
locking nuts
H22t pickups
Ferrari Red color
Tung oil finsih on the back of the neck
Ibanez Jem 777BK, Carvin DC727, Fender MIM Strat
Mesa Boogie DC5
Xotic BB Preamp, Ts9, BBE GS, Boss DD-6
Weber Mass
Morley Bad Horsie 2
Ask me any questions about my gear!
I already have a Strat, and used to have a Carvin similar to the SC90 (got stolen) which was the love of my life. I would love to have an SC90. Instead of the stock pickups check into the M22's. Power and sustain out the wazoo. Nail Santana sound without a pedal (Black Magic Woman.)