hey guys,

i asked this in a different part of the forum, but only got two responses, so I thought I'd get some more suggestions in the pit.

i have 40 bucks in borders giftcards, and i was wondering what tab books to get. i don't really know what i want, so i'm looking for some suggestions. i mainly listen to rock/classic rock, from the 60's-70's. i guess i'm intermediate-advanced. i have a lot of books already, so suggest as many as you can think of, because i might have it.
Don't buy tabs books. You said Borders right? Buy a couple graphic novels.
666 BRO
I think that The White Stripes stuff would interest you.
They kinda stick to the original rock.
But their music is easy to play
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I hear it's a great read.

I've gotten that from the library a few times.
How about some Vonnegut? Or Palahniuk? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is quite a good read as well. You can get tabs online man, don't waste your money when there's books you can buy. At least buy a coffee.
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why spend money on tabs, when UG supplies them for free?
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Most of the time the tabs I want are here, but for instance, I have a Chuck Berry tab book, and there are maybe two songs from that book that I could find for free online. If I could find any of the other ones they wouldn't be accurate.
Does anyone here have Beatles: Complete Scores? It has all the instruments: guitar, bass, piano, drums etc....looks like a steal for only 50 bucks. Every Beatles song ever recorded on record and played live.