hey i live in south florida so the weather is always changing. Durin the summer it was really humid. I keep my guitar in a soft case all the time when im not playin. Can the weather still affect it?
if its in a case i think it should be fine
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yes, the wood will still expand and contract with the moisture in the air. But if its just in a case for a long while can't you get that stuff that absorbs moisture in the air?
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you could build a humidor for your guitars. however, that'd cost about 10,000+.
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It should be fine in your case unless you have really extreme humidity and by that I mean humidity that makes the walls sweat.
your guitar will be safe as long your friends dont touch it hahahah...
sometimes guitar get broken because of our reckless friends....
you know what im saying..


ive heard of a humidifier...
they say it use to take care the wood of guitar especially when weather change so often..
dont know how much it tho
soft cases won't protect your guitar. hard case is the best way to protect your guitar.
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Buy a carbon fiber composite guitar. They aren't affected by humidity or temperature and they sound great. Also they don't dent and scratch very easily. Look at Composite Acoustics or Rainsong Guitars. There is one on my wish list.