Hey. This is probably the fourth post I've done on this subject. So I'm obviously desperate. Ha yeah...

So anyways...The song They're leaving me behind by Nick Drake is probably the most amazing song I've ever heard. It really grew on me. It's definately my favorite and for months now, I've been playing my own little crappy version of it, because it simply does not exist in tab version or chords for that matter on the internet.

Here it is.

I would be forever grateful if one person out there could do me the kind favor of tabbing it out, or if they have a better way to find tabs, then find it for me. I've trid 911 tabs already and every generic site as well. This would be a benefit to me and guitarists everywhere. Alot of my friends want to play this too, but we don't really have the talent to play it by ear...It's pretty tough...

It's a very quiet song, so turn it up. Just click the play button, or download it for free, and it'll pup right up on iTunes...

Thank you very muh for reading this, and again, I'dappreciate it, and I'd make it worth your time any way I could. I'll even mail you a few bucks.
If you like it so much, try tab it yourself. It's pretty simple, and I find that I feel better about playing a song when I've tabbed it myself- although I'm useless at it, and by the time I get this one someone would have posted a tab. But seriously, give it a go, even if it's a note at a time. If you have trouble try starting with his voice as a giveaway to what notes are used.
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