I just have had my 30g Ipod video for a little less than a year and I just have had my first problem today. I was at school today and I was using it this morning just fine, but when I went and turned it on this afternoon it would turn on but no music would play, can somone please help me.
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did you try a reboot thingy?
hold down the play and menu buttons until it restarts, all your music remains intact.
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files or the systems files could of died or something simple like that.. or your amp in the ipod has died
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music wouldnt play? was it frozen ? if it was....reboot it...if no sound=headphones are broken
you have the hold button on..which i doubt
If whatever they ^ said doesnt work. Take it to an Apple Store and if its under warranty they'll give you a new one. It's a place IN THE STORE called Genius Bar where they fix stuff.

I had 2 years warranty which gave me 3 brand new ipods for the price of one. Now if the one i have breaks.... im gonna have to buy a new one cause its no longer under warranty.