I ve been looking into getting a valve junior the only thing i cant decide is weather i should get a cab or a head. if i got a head i would be hooking it up to the 2x10 in my combo amp and sitting it on-top of it which would defeat its small size when bringing it places but it d still be good fore home, also 20 bucks cheaper. The combo version i could easily bring places with me but i am weary about the speaker in it, though i could mod this so that it has outputs in 4,8,16 ohms, though its 20 dollars more. i was wondering if anyone here has some insight into which is the better choice of the two.
Get the cab, and use it through your 2x10, although I'd recommend lower wattage speakers down the road, I quite fancy my VJ when I get some speaker distortion going.
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The speaker in the combo is a bit on the crappy side IMO. You could replace it though, I seen one guy fit a 10" speaker in the combo. Great amp though, they're a blast to mod. I love mine
how loud do these get? is it loud enough to play in a band??
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how loud do these get? is it loud enough to play in a band??

They can get quite loud. In a lot of cases too loud to crank for your average bedroom use. I've heard some people were able to get over a light drummer with a head/cab setup, but its really going to struggle in a band situation unless you mic it up.
Everyone says that it might not make it over, but even using a Marshall 1936 cabinet and my VJ, I can play live. I play with a drummer who hits so hard it gets picked up by the mics, goes through the PA, then he drums harder to make sure he can hear himself better. And thats just at practices!
The 8" speaker in the combo is kind of honky sounding. Get the head unless portability is a key feature. Although you can always use the combo as a head. I have both and as expected the head into my 1x12 cab sounds much better.
do a search on that auction site that we all love... for "hot rod valve junior" and there is a guy called andy who does most of the mods needed. he cancels out all the hum and rebiases the valves and then squeezes a 10" celestion speaker in there too. they are pricey but its like a boutique amp for a couple of hundred quid...

im getting one from santa this year. cant wait (well i can but i dont want to!)