Most of you know how the members of Marilyn Manson (twiggy ramirez, ginger fish, ect.) got their stage name?
Well...the took the first name of an iconic female sex symbol, and the last name of a serial/mass murderer...

The idea of this thread is to make your own...like mine

Ashley (Olson) Clifford (Olson) = My stage name, Ashley Olson

Well...your turn
Have fun!
oops...supposed to say Ashley (Olson) (Clifford) Olson

The names you arent using are in brackets (the sex symbols last name and the killers first)
xtina (christina aiguilileria) gein (Ed gein)
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hmmm i wonder who ginger fish got his name from

Albert Fish, idk the girl though
britney (spears)

chupa (cabras)

britney chupa!
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Tommy (Lee) Heroin

Tommy Heroin

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Tömmy Heröyn

That's my new stage name...don't steal it.
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Albert Fish, idk the girl though

ginger rogers, i think her name was. starred in movies alongside fred astaire.

*edited out...MY stage name*
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I don't many iconic sex symbols and serial/mass murderers.

Shakira Bush?
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I don't many iconic sex symbols and serial/mass murderers.

Shakira Bush?


Um... Zsa Zsa Mudgett?

No, no, wait: Zsa Zsa, Torture, & Kill
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