Hey whats up everyone. I'm new around here so go easy on me lol. Anyways I've been working on a solo demo using only my guitar. I have a myspace with my recordings, feel free to check it out.... myspace.com/realignedriffs

My questions are about using a graphic equalizer. I'm using Cool Edit Pro software (Adobe owns it now) I'm using an Epiphone Les Paul Classic quilt top. I only have a 15 watt Crate amp. I know I have sh*tty equipment but I just dont have the finances to get new stuff YET.

Now I know there is a lot of experimenting with mic placement (oh yeah Im using a USB headset lol, I know) and amp settings. I also have a Digitech Hot Head distortion pedal.

Let me know what you would suggest just from my recordings. Thanks.
lol, so i listened to your stuff, i thought demo 1 & 2 were quiet so i turned my volume up, and then i put on your 3rd demo, and got my ears blasted off!!! lol

I thought demo 1 was prob the best, your distortion/EQ settings sound good, i think i'd go with that.
Usually if you're putting stuff on the web, you wanna make your stuff a tad bass heavy, so it sounds better for computer speakers, but when using distortion you wanna have it just like you did i think.
Sounds good, canny wait to hear your stuff.
lol sorry about the volume difference. When I did the first 2 demos I wasn't familiar with the the software I was doing. When I did the 3rd one I messed around a little too much with the equalizers and stuff so thats why I got a higher gain.

But thanks for the comments on my sound. I just gotta practice more with working on the effects and software equalizers.