Is there a way to make a separate "personal message" for each person in the MSN?

Well the thing is, I have my grandparents in my MSN messenger, and sometimes I'd like to put a personal message that I wouldn't like them to see.

So is there a way to make a separate personal message for them?

i also have this predicament, however with AIM, so if anyone knows how to do it for either, thank you
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I can't remember if you're personal message shows when you're not logged in...

But if it doesn't show up, then you could choose to appear offline to your grandparents and that way they wouldn't see it.

Not sure if it'll still show up though.

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orr have a seperate acount and tell your grand parents to delete your main one and to add your other one, go on your other one every once in a while
can't you just block them whenever you've got that message?
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MMh nope. They can still see a message when I'm offline.
Anyway UG thanks for your tips. The one about using two accounts is quite good. Polygamy FTW

MSN plus! is good and another good extension that can do it is stuffplug . I had em both on my old computer but now I have a Macbook and can't have either of them.

Kickass apps though.