i am looking for a new guitar, with minimum 24 frets, a relatively low neck heel, and a neck with a similar feel to gibsons (i play an sg)

however, one of the big problems with my sg is that when i play higher up on the neck, i can't really reach big intervals easily because when i position my hand so as to be able to use all 4 fingers, my hand hits the cutaway. so something with no cutaway, like a V, would be awesome too.

and lastly, it needs to be fairly cheap...i like getting brand new guitars, unless i plan on customizing it, which i'm not thinking of right now. so nothing too far over the 2000 AUD mark is essential.

btw, if it has a good look / tone for metal, that would make it pretty much perfect
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i'd personally recommend theft...from a loved one specifically. It'll really helps increase your hand dexterity once you've practiced with the five finger discount.

But yeah, you can get some cheapsause ibanez guitars that fit all of that business up there? You just need to feel out the necks yourself.
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Agile LP's (Rondo Music, not sure you can get them Down Under,) Micheal Kelly Patriots, and Stratocasters all have a very roomy cutaway in that position. Maybe an Ibanez ARX. You should try them out first, but I understand what you mean.
Most 24 fret guitars have thin necks, nothing like a Gibson. A PRS Standard 24 would do it, but it's way out of your price range. I'd recomend a Jackson Soloist, or an Ibanez RG Prestige. But, again, the necks on those guitars are very thin.

Also, the obligatory, what amp do you have?
ESP V-500 sounds exactly what you need. Its a V, Mahogany body, 24 frets and EMG 'pups. Only thing it i dont know how the neck heel is.

If that fails try a ESP MH-400(NT) or possibly even the MH1000 if you can stretch it that far.


^Bmusic^ has by far the best ESP prices in Australia. Normally a 400 series LTD will cost you 1700 but you can get a 1000 series for 1700 there. Great deals.
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Also, the obligatory, what amp do you have?

a question that always have to be answered at one point of a gear thread.
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cheers for all the help fellas

darkness: yeah, i've been thinking about getting an esp, just for the tone and amount of frets, but never knew if they compare to gibson necks. thanks for the link too, i'll definately order from them if i can't get them as cheap from my local stores.

which ones pink: is that some inside joke around here or something? :s
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When you look at a guy and immediately go, "wow, what a douchebag"

that is what girls find attractive.
^Not really, we say that because an amp is at least 80% of your sound, and it's better to spend money on amp than on a guitar. A $4,000 PRS is still going to sound horrible through a crappy practice amp, whereas even a Wal-mart Strat copy will sound good through a decent tube amp.
^aye, but what i need right now is the guitar. i don't play live or anything just yet, right now i really need a guitar that suits my genre (i pretty much need the 24 frets, bo cutaway, and low profile neck heel more than anything)

i'll worry about getting a better amp when the time comes.
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When you look at a guy and immediately go, "wow, what a douchebag"

that is what girls find attractive.
well a schecter c-1+ has all those except for the whole V thing. I had one and i regret selling it soo much...but anyways it is the most versatile guitar ever made imo. and it can do metal really well