Halo 3! *pinch harmonic* 4 days! *pinch harmonic*

*little girl scream*

sorry im a little obsessed. *pinch harmonic*

anyone else obsessed? *pinch harmonic*

and sorry for all the pinch harmonics. i just got the hang of them.

*pinch harmonic*
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Quote by Its_Rock77

halo 3

4 days

anyone else excited/obsessed?

that sums it up.
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i dont have an xbox but cant wait to play it at a friends house, looks interesting
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Quote by JoNnHannah
your ****ing lame.

no YOUR lame.

also ive been playing guitar to pass the time.

14 hours straight and my pinky is starting to bleed.

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*Natural Harmonic*


I can't do pinch harmonics
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someone. please. help me out here.

why is halo such a big ****ing deal. I've played the first two games, and I don't get it. it's just another ****ing shooter. what seperates it from every other game in the genre?

"d00d! you get to ride in a jeep with a gun on it! C'MOOONNNN!!! it's the coolest thing EVAR!1!"
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I've never been big on the Halo games, but I have been to a couple of Halo lan parties. Those were pretty cool, even though I sucked and everybody else played it nonstop.
^ yeah, I've played halo at a few LAN parties, too. I admit, it was fun for a while (even though I kept getting absolutely destroyed).... but it just doesn't deserve all the hype it gets.
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I'm a huge Halo fan myself.

To be honest, I've heard mixed reviews on the Halo games.

Some people absolutely love them for the way they play, and how easy it is to pick up and play. Others hate it for having nothing really revolutionary.

I'm really freaking stoked.

I'm having a sweet Halo 3 party the Saturday after it comes out with 3 Xboxes, and system link games and co-op and Forge battles.


Duke Nukem ftw.
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**** Halo.
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Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.
.......HELL YA!!...
i need a 360
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