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4 2%
17 8%
Monterey Jack
9 4%
14 6%
9 4%
7 3%
10 4%
2 1%
88 39%
63 28%
Voters: 223.
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Have a pie.

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So many good cheeses, I can't choose! >.< I can only say that American cheese is horrible.
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i am quite a fan of feta...only thing i don't like about it is that you can't melt it evenly
Cheddar, FTW!!

That, or that alfredo stuff.
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Dragonforce is the best kind of cheese!
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I had a hard time deciding between feta and cheddar.
I went for feta though , cuase i eat it like every day.

WAIT. I take my choice back.

My favourite cheese is smoked cheese nom nom.
Cheese Strings
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I love provolone and feta evenly...but it had to be provolone. you can eat it with a lot more things, and you can meltz0r it teh purfect
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I don't really like cheese. I had a bad cheese experience when I was young...
But If I had to choose then probably pepper jack.
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Camembert all the way....baby

yes he's the man.
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Where's edam?

And i haven't heard of half those cheeses

You ignorant-
Oh, right, you're not from Wisconsin. Nevermind.
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Everyone knows Parmigiano Reggiano is the King of Cheeses. Seriously, look it up.
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Everyone knows Parmigiano Reggiano is the King of Cheeses. Seriously, look it up.

The king of hard cheeses, anyway.
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Brie is the best.
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I like to roll Brie into balls, bread them, and then deep fry them. Gooey cheesey goodness.
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guda? ghuda? somethin like that
that **** rocks
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Brie is really good with roasted garlic.. you can also use the roasted garlic paste to bread it with cornmeal and fry it.. same concept as patchworkman described as above.. but you don't need a deep fryer.

lots of people like blue cheese at my work.. i find it tastes like sour milk.. :p

cottage cheese is good.. mix up some strawberries and a banana in that.. aww yea..

*wracks brain*

goats cheese! its like feta.. but a bit softer and smoother tasting.. great for stuffing in chicken breasts. melts nicely i like to crumble it on salads that have some kind of citrus dressing and sliced fruits as well.
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Man, so many choices...cheddar...red leicster...smoked cheese, damn i can't choose, i love it all (except for the wierd blue stuff).

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