So here's another instrumental melodic metal song called Intermission of the Mind (dumb name I know, don't worry it's not supposed to be serious) I made on GarageBand. The song's on my profile so I don't have to lose quality thru myspace, plus it's just really comvenient. I just finished everything after it screwed up on me and I had to fix it somehow but that doesn't matter. I love the solo in this one, i had a lot of fun plaing and recording his baby, so check it out! I'd be super happy to crit yours by the way, if you want someone to listen n' stuff, cuz I know how you feel!

Anyways the equpiment I used was:

Jackson Dinky DX-10D (w/ EMG-81 bridge, EMG-85 neck)
Direct thru USB to Macbook, using nothing but GarageBand software w/ jam pack added.

Hope you guys like it, remember to comment it and stuff! Oh, and be sure to check out Shards of Metal on my profile as well...
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ive heard lots of ****ty songs on here, but that one was pretty cool... good job! (i dont have anything for you to crit back, dont worry)... keep it up!
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yea sleep is good

really? wouldn't know... i mean i've read about things like that but i'm too busy playing guitar and recording and going on UG for that. Maybe i could try it out at school...?
hey i left feedback on your profile.
How did you get the effect at the end, where the guitar pans left to right to left etc? is this an effect or is it done on the software?
hey dude! thanks for the excellent feedback by the way... ok so i used the pan on Garageband, but only because i had finished putting the guitars down and i was doing the volume and stuff. I could have used the POD, since there's a stereo pan mod on it, but i used the GarageBand effect instead, since i had already recorded all the guitar parts and was just changing the mix around and suff.

wow that took me a while to explain...
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