do consider this solo to be intermediate or beginner, the reason i'm asking is because i wanna learn it. But if its to hard for me right now, i don't wanna get discouraged, i've been playing for one year. but i do know other Iron Maiden solo's with the their full songs, Aces High, Losfer Words, Alexander the great. thanks
If you can play both Aces High solos, then this is probably going to be easy for you.

The hard point in the first solo of ''Hallowed By Thy Name'' is where Dave plays the fast legato thing while rocking a wah-pedal. It'll be a but tricky to find out the position of the pedal throughout the solo, but that is not SO important. In the second solo you'll have to work on Adrian's pull-offs to opens string to get them clear.
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Its certainly not 'begginer'. What other solos do you know?

It was one of the first full songs i bothered to learn. Just slow it down
a lot and gradually get faster. Thats how i learnt the solo to it.
the solos i know right now are Losfer Words, Aces high, Alexander the great, Mother Russia(daves solo's)