Hi? C4c?
Really nice! Your lead guitar is great, you play very accurate and your tone is fantastic! I love the distant delay effect on the intro, and the powerful wah..
Keep it up!

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Pretty cool though i think you should ditch the delay from the start and end. Other than that nice. How come you didnt finish off the vocals. Solo was awesome.
Quote by bradshults
That guy is not actually in the band he was running sound and just jumped up and sang that line. Later on we replayed it with him singing after everyone had left, but we don't have that video.

what a pity, i guess that was really cool!
ur wah was kinda weak... it was either u weren't rocking back and forth enough, or a bad wah. u need lots sweep during the muting strum part in the intro. u got lots of distortion too. maybe that's sucking the wah. and ur lead guitar tone is kinda trebly too. couldn't figure out what kinda guitar u had, but i want to guess an SG or something. bridge pickup.

ur solo was good. but when u went attacking the solo, u kinda lost ur rhythm. u picked it up later, but it kinda stays in the fan's ear when you mess up. so i couldn't call it exactly "flawless".

nice recording though.

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