Hey i figured it was time to change my desktop background, so i was originally looking for "scary" looking ones like this. MG]

But then i decided "why not like the pit choose my desktop"

So go ahead post some link to pictures (you can post them in here but 56k users may be a little iffy"
just 2 things;
1) they must be in either 1280x800 or 1280x768
2) no pornography please.

Have fun.
UG's Official Stuffed Toy! Because I am so cuddly wuddly

well i was just being considerate...

Oh and by the way, it doesnt have to be anything specific, just purely what you think will be a cool desktop
UG's Official Stuffed Toy! Because I am so cuddly wuddly

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I know its not the right size but I thought it was hilarious when I first saw it, I may be drunk though.
How about a cool galaxy, as such:

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go to google type spider web and you will find something cool

oh and its google images btw
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how sure are you about that?
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2) no pornography please.

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Good job, TS.
Jesus, wtf is up with all the Demon Dolls recently with UG?

Let me try and find PenisMan

[edit] sorry its so big... f*ck i think my computer looks cool right now