I got an old RG style Ibanez, HSS config, 1 vol, 1 tone .
I've put an EMG hz humbucker i had in it, and I want to re-wire it like a normal strat, 5-way (without the 2&4 hum cancelling thing), and a toggle switch for splitting the EMG .

where can I find a diagram for that ?
wire it like this (although EMg colour codes are different then seymour duncan's, just use the appropriate wire). I'm pretty sure you can't coil split EMG hz's, but if you can, you would do it like this, but again with appropriate coloured wires.
you can split HZs, they come with 5 wires.
the color difference is red<->black, and 2&4 w/o hum cancelling sounded better to me..

thanks alot, you've been a great help