i just baught a new guitar off my mate for 150 bucks and its pretty good. its a yamaha rgx312.

the only problem i have is it WONT STAY IN TUNE. i think it might have to do with the tremolo or something but each review i read said it stayed in tune nicely.

i know i should have tested before i bought but ide played it quite a bit at his house and i didn't realise it going out of tune.

that and the humbucker sorta wiggles when i touch it.

any advice? im gonna get it serviced soon maybe that will fix it
do u have new strings on it? really old ones go out of tune really fast
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hmm i think they are really old. he said hes never had to change them!

i'll get some new ones, thanks!
The humbucker is supposed to move when you touch it.

If changing strings doesn't help, you might want to consider adding more springs to the trem, or replacing the tuning machines and/or nut.
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