Names Devon and Im in the US Navy, Im new to the site. Im getting ready to spend the next year or two in Washington and I wanted to start working on my degree while I was there but I need some help. I know that people have got there degree's in music theory but are there any other degrees out there that I would need to get a job at a guitar shop and doing private lessons? I love music and thats what I want to do with my life but Im not sure and if there is other degrees or fields that deal with music? Thank you for any information.
well, i dont thnk so. i mean to work in a guitar shop i dont think you need much qualifications but need to have a lot of knowledge on guitar bass etc.

as for a teacher yes youd probably need a degree of some sort depends whether youre eprivate or teaching music for a school or with a guitar teaching company.
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Like you, i was looking for a career that had something to do with music but i didn't have that dream of joining/making a band and making it big
I found my heart in audio engineering, you should check it out
Honestly I would keep music as a hobby, not as your profession. The career paths are pretty limited, a lot of luck is involved, and not exactly well-paying.

I would love to have music as my job but I know that I would struggle if that's what I majored in.

EDIT: But fortunately I'm majoring in Physics, so I can pretty much go into any type of audio engineering or stuff like that if I want. Or practically anything else too lol.
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there are A LOT of branches of music, so you really need to ask yourself, "ok so i want to study music, but what EXACTLY do i want to do?". in this case you want to do private lessons...so although i'm not very familiar with what branches of music there are, i'm pretty sure you can get one for music education.

and to rcw110131...if music is his passion and that is what he wants to do with his life, then i say it's just fine. let's say he didn't like the medical field but he did it anyway because the pay is good. now he wouldn't do that good of a job and he'd be bitching about how his job sucks. it's totally a matter of opinion, but if you like something and you want to pursue it as a major, then go for it. chances are that if you really like it, you are also good at it and you'll have good experience...leading to good pay.