HELP! I am using Guitar Pro 5, I need Help with some of the RSE Percussion sounds.

I Have Some Sound probs with my percussion Sounds in GP5. (most sounds are ok)

First, the bass drum and snare and toms are a little quite so i have have to use the 'Heavy Accentuated Note' button to get them so sound loud with the cymbols

Second, The Closed Hi-Hat sounds like an open hi-hat, ps. this only happens when Im playing the song, when i insert the note into the bar it sounds closed.

Finally a lot of the sounds don't work (32 of them and some that aren't the right sound)

Please Give your advice, ill try and thing,
Open volume control, make sure none of them are muted.

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The closed high hat thing sounds different because when you're playing the song it's using RSE drums, when you insert it it's just using midi drums.

I have the same problem with the bass drum not being loud enough, but it's fine when I play it though my amp, it just sucks when I play it through my crappy comp speakers. Probably because my amp has more bass. You could just use normal midi drums and see if you prefer them (click on the thing down the bottom where it says 'Drum Kit 0', and it will come up with a box thing. Click where it says 'use MIDI' - in case you didn't know how to).
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