Hey guys, searched for this for a while but couldn't find any info, so I refer it to all you geniuses (geni-i?).

Anyway, I have been looking for a new amp and absolutely love the Hughes and Kettner amps. I was looking at a trilogy, but I may be able to stretch to a Triamp, but only a Mk1 one. I was wondering what the difference between the Mk1 and Mk2 is, and whether anyone has played the mk1?

Cheers guys!
ive played a mark I absolutely loved it, the big difference i noticed the mark 2 had alot more gain on the last channel to get a more recto-ish tone, but the mark I has plenty of gain unless your playing extreme forms of metal that require a large amount of gain it is fine, and amazingly versitle i might add, i really want one myself but the fiancee says i dont need one
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Thanks a lot mate. Thats exactly what I wanted to know... as long as the mk1 has plenty of gain, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get it

EDIT: You have far too much stuff!! lol
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