Well i have about £200-250 for a new guitar, i have been after this one guitar for months now, i just hope it's a good second guitar(my squier is a bit limiting now :P)


What do you think? Good second guitar?

I play metal mainly with a bit of rock and stuff aswell.

I am also open to your suggestions, you guys might be able to find me a better one for my budget...

Thanks in advance.
looks sweet to me
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i like the reverse headstock and those designed by emg PUs aren't too bad
It looks allright for the money. I would personally save up a bit longer to get a really really nice guitar though. I'm getting an RGA121 this christmas most likely.
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yea the ibanez RG is pretty awesome
id get it.
unless you have a steady income, then you can save some more and get a better one.
if you like the RG then you can get a higher end one.
I i were you Id stretch to £300 and go for a washburn x50 pro.


Arguably the best deal in the UK.
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Quote by Big_Rat
Jesus that guitars gorgeous!

I can't afford 300 though....

I don't have a job atm, i'm at college

wel then you should get the one that you said at the start of the thread.
I got my SZ320EX from those guys and have nothing but praise for their service and VERY quick delivery....... it arrived at like 7 in the morning the next day!

As for the guitar it looks cool but I don't know about the pickups........... EMG's are made for metal no doubt about that, but when you start talking about passive HZ's or EMG designed pickups I can't help, but feel your just paying for the name.

If you can try out the guitar yourself and akm1020 is right about the pickups go for it, but personally I'd save up for a little longer and aim for a guitar around about £300

If your a little strapped for cash I'd have a look on here


They've got some awesome guitars for around about 1/2 the UK price of what you'd pay for them in the UK and there's free shipping to any where in europe if you spend over £200

ultimately its your choice and if that's the guitar YOU want then go for it.
yeah I've got a few things from thomann and there great there prices are really good.
on the TS choise of guitar it looks pretty sweet.
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Quote by halikus
I i were you Id stretch to £300 and go for a washburn x50 pro.


Arguably the best deal in the UK.

agreed. EDIT: crap.
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