I've just got £400, I'm wondering what guitar I should get... I'm thinking a 7-string Ibanez.

What I need is some sort of locking trem (that won't go out of tune >=|), 24 frets, basically a decent metal guitar ideally with 7 strings. No insane shapes! :p

I don't mind if it's 2nd hand and I'd LOVE it if it was Les Paul shape although I know for this price I probably won't find anything... Unless anyone knows where there's an ESP s3...

Anyway what do you guys think?
dont get a 7 string, get a jackson, ibanez or shecter metal guitar. 24 frrets, dual locking etc...............theres loads for around £400 bob
Actually no i don't NEED one, as a matter of fact no I don't :p It'd be handy to have one though...

Oh wait... I don't mind saving up a little extra for that o_o

Would that definitely stay in tune? I've played a few guitars a Floyd Rose on them and they always seem to go slightly out of tune. That said the guitars were all sub £300.

I might go with that Ibanez.
Actually I just read some reviews on the 7320, the 7321 is £100 less but it has some mixed reviews, which is better?
Ah I see, for some reason I thought it had a trem o_O I'm gonna go with the 7320, it's too nice for the price :p

I'll need my fill of Meshuggah playing too, so it'll come in handy =D