Hey guys. Ok, so i want to buy a tube amp (fender hot rod deluxe ) but want to get some effects running through it. I have a zoom g2.1u pedal atm, but i have heard that multi effects units sorta destroy the tube sound. WOuld a stomp box not do this? like, are they better for getting that pure tube sound without destroying it? Or are multi effects units not a problem? cheers
it all depends on the quality of the multi effect AND the stomp box. your multi isn´t soo good but i guess you would get nice delay and flanger etc. out of it. I use my multi just for modulation. Just don´t use your multi for dists!
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Yeah Multi's can be damaging to a tube tone. Like Ferrarone said, it's about the quality of the effects. For example, a Behringer OD (£22, $44) would sound pretty bad, while a Fulltone OCD (£80, $160) would sound pretty darn amazing.

In the short term multi's can be a means to an end, but I wouldn't gig with them, and it's always nicer to have single-unit (solitary, whatever :p) effects, rather than a load of crap ones stuffed into one little box.

Unless of course you want to save up loads on a Rack based effects system. But that's something for another time.
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Yea save up for singles they are far superior and more tonal options are available.
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yeah ok thanks. Well, it was that or i was looking at upgrading the effects unit, to the zoom g7.1ut, which has tubes in it... :S would that change much?
If you're going to buy a multi, I would stay clear of the Zoom units. The hardware is there, but the samples are horrid. Boss has better samples at the same price. Try the ME-50 or the GT-8 if you've got the money.
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222 euro? can i get this cheaper anywhere else?
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