when given a,say, 3 or 4 chord progression,how do i get to know in what key that

chord progression is?its kinda confusing when i jam with other guitarists and the play a chord progression and im like "huh?",i can pull great improv when im in a key or scale,but how do i recognise a 3 or 4 chord progression??
I don't get what you mean with ''3 or 4 chord progression''...
You mean chord progressions with 3 or 4 chords included or chord progressions with chords constructed on the 3rd or 4th note of the scale?
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Take a look at this lesson then.

What chords are in what key, and why?

no i mean the simple thing,chord progression with 3 or 4 chords included!

Ok, suppose you're playing the chords Am-F-G, yeah? Simple 3 chord progression.

Now, to figure out which key the chords are in, write down all their notes. They are A B C D E F G for this one. Right, now you want to compare the notes to all the major scales.

These notes are exactly those of the C major/ A minor scale. So, your chords are in Cmaj/ Amin.

Now, the progression numerals:

In A min,

i = A, VI = F, VII = G
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