Alright, so I'm from Singapore right. So I brought my friend to this place where the stock Gibsons, Fenders, Ibanez and all that jazz (Because the general public thinks that the only place that sells guitars in Singapore is Yamaha) And he wanted to get an electric. We were both browsing and before that I had visited the place many times and have been hellbent on getting an acoustic because I've been stuck on using a really lousy classical and at home and the D string is starting unwind and all.

Eitherway, long story short, I tried out the electrics and a few of the amps there and my allegiance changed from the acoustic to electric. Well, I loved the sound of it and I tried an Epiphone SG on a Roland Microcube? I believe. I'm not too sure(About the amp, not the guitar.) I know it was white(the amp), the guy there said it could run on batteries, and I think it was pretty loud for a small amp. Plus, it has a flanger and phaser effect, and I tried Stairway's intro on it with some flanger and a tad of distortion and it sounded like a monster, freaking cool stuff.

So now the main point is after blabbering for ages pointlessly, I know most tone comes from your amps and I was wondering, with the type of music I wish to play, is it wise to get an SG, along with that amp? I know the guy says that the cleans are really good on the microcube but the distortion isn't really that good. I'm a huge fan of Lifehouse and I'd mainly like to play their music. However, I do have influence from other, slightly heavier bands I guess, like A7X(I love Syn's lead tone), Hinder, McFly(sue me, I like the band) and perhaps a little Fightstar. So I'm thinking of getting an Epiphone SG (Not sure which model, do recommend some to me) and the Roland microcube.

Considering the type of music I play, do you think its an okay combination? I mean, most of the bands I listed barely use heavy distortion except maybe Avenged Sevonfold. So yeah. Help given is much appreciated!
You're not supposed to play "Stairway" at the guitar store. It's against the law.

The lowest Epiphone SG you should get is the G400. The ones under that are pretty dodgy spec-wise and quality-wise. The Microcube should be ok for what you're playing; if there are Vox DA5s there, you may want to look at those.

You can always restring your classical guitar, btw...
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
Thanks for the reply, but hehehe I know they've heard Stairway in a guitar store 50 million times but I just had to. And I can't be bothered to restring it. I'm just gonna damage it even more after is restrung with all the new stress I'm gonna put it through. So yeah. I'll keep the Vox DA5s in mind.

And btw, I've been playing for 7 months on a classical and this will be my first electric so I'm really not sure what to look out for.