I know that these come up 2348797 times a day...but I need some help

Right now, I have the Behringer V-Tone Starter Pack...I don't really use the amp, I'm using a friend of mine's Crate amp...After reading some things through the forums about the Behringer, I think I want a new guitar...I'm a pretty versatile player, I like it all from classic rock (neil young, zeppelin, etc.) to rock (nirvana, alice in chains) to metal (acacia strain, killwhitneydead)

I had my behringer set up a bit, action lowered, pickups raised, whatever the tech did...I was thinking about replacing the pickups for a better sound but they're kind of expensive and it'd probably be easier to get a new guitar...i'm going to have to stay cheap though...so help me out, right now I'm looking at:

maybe this one --> http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Dean-Evo-XM-Electric-Guitar?sku=519795X

this one (but how do you tune it?) --> http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Floyd-Rose-Discovery-Series-DST1-Electric-Guitar?sku=511820X



as you can see, i really dont know what i want or what i'm lookin for/at

i'm trying to get a band rollin and we're probably going to be playing music like August Burns Red and The Acacia Strain

thanks to anyone that can/will help
Personally, i would save up a bit till you can afford something of more quality...

But if you have to, Id suggest looking thru the selection here. http://www.rondomusic.com/electricguitar.html

I personally havent tried them out, but ive heard great things about SX and Agile.

You really should be thinking about a better amp first IMO.


Thats a good one to look into for beginers.
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