So I've decided on recording some of my own stuff. I have no special gear for recording and wanted to know how to get the best sound from my current stuff.

I own a Boss GT-8 guitar effects processor (it has a digital out). A random plastic block for a microphone which I found when rummaging for stuff. a sound blaster audigy sound card (is that good or bad?!?!?). A pretty high quality web cam (I might be doing a video).

With that setup, can someone give me some guidelines on how to get at least a bearable sound.
Oh yeah and how do I record with digital out? what program would I use? what cable do I need?

And yes I've read the the recording tutorial and it didn't help much.
I don't think audigys are that god for recording, but better then built in audio solutions. So that should be fine. All you should do is plug your mic in and place it near your amp. You can't use that digital out, unless you have something with a digital in. Only high end sound cards come with that so unless you are willing to spend $200+ it won't be much good ^^.
I have a soundblaster audigy card myself and have done quite a few recordings on mine....I would recommend that you use the recording software 'Audacity'...works great and it's free,,,google for it....have fun my friend
Thanks man I'll look up that program, if I were to get a better sound card with a digital in, what kind of cable would I need?
It would depend on the soundcard.

Audio soundcards tend to have 1/4" inputs, MIDI inputs and XLR inputs, as opposed to just 1/4" inputs.

A better bet would be to buy an external audio card (Behringer, M Audio and Mackie do good models it will have a combined preamp. This will take 1/4 and XLR.

In which case you'd need to buy a XLR M - 1/4" cable , or an XLR M > XLR F cable.

Good luck.