I'm looking for a decent Distortion pedal as the dirty channel on my amp sounds overly muddy and doesn't really suit my styles of playing. I currently only have 2 fuzz pedals which is why I'm now starting to look for some Distortion.

I play mostly higher gain style stuff, but not quite metal and I generally like a slightly brighter scooped-mid sound.

What are some good distortion pedals I should look at?

I've been looking into the Proco Rat 2 and the BBE Crusher, are either of these good?

Or should I aim for something a tad more expensive, like the Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde?
Well the Jekyll & Hyde might be a good idea.

But the speaker in the LC30 is VERY muddy and fizzy.
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MT-2...can go from litle distorted to very very very ****ing very distorted

and sounds crap at everything. unless you pay to get it modded by keeley or analogman, which would put the price up to that of a great distortion pedal anyway. pointless pedal.

the proco rat is an awesome pedal, highly reccomend it. i've never tried the BBE crusher though so i can't comment on it. the jeckyll and hyde is a great pedal and again i highly reccomend it, the jeckyll side is a tubescreamer, which you could set as a solo boost, or a lighter OD, and the hyde side is a great distortion, mix the 2 and you've got even great distortion!

of the 3 you mentioned the jeckyll and hyde is the most versatile, and probably the one id go for, but the rat is the most straightforward and is a great pedal. both are worth a look. if i were you though, i'd go to a store and try every pedal you could, though stay away from pedals with 'super', 'mega', 'metal' etc in their names, they tend to be crap. the exception being the metal muff from EHX which is still and aquired taste.
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digitech disortion factory, seriously with like 5 different distortions in one pedal, its the best bang for the buck
^^^ isnt it a TS808 and a DS1?

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Versatility is quite important to me, so the Jekyll and Hyde sounds pretty good to me.

Is it worth waiting until the new models come out? Or are they not really gonna be that much better and the old ones are still worth getting?