sounds irritating, but thats ok... you have a sh*tload of bandmates
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In gr.8 we got into purple nurples so much that the school would suspend anyone they saw doing it. We had really good aim.
Eh? why does having a sh*tload of bandmates excuse the fact that it sounds irritatitng?

and more to the point, why does it sound irritating?
did you change the key? i like the new guitar tone better. what did you use for the drums? they sound very real. guitar is a little to far back in the mix. vocals are quite good on this. great stuff. solo's could be farther up in the mix as well. i liked the phrasing in this much more than the demo. i love the lyrics.

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what did you use for the drums? they sound very real.

A drummer called Stiv Stivson I expect
Not really, he's not going to be playing until end of october.

I use crappy loops off the internet.

The guitar is plently loud. The solo could do with being a bit louder, but it's audible enough.

The key is up to F# from D#.

The acoustic guitar ruins the songs.