I want to obtain the lowest possible action my AL-3100 can offer, but without having any notes really bottom out or lose significant amounts of sustain...

What would I have to do in order to obtain the lowest action possible?

Does the neck adjustment come first? When I fret 1 and 12, how much space should I leave in between the 6/7 frets and the low E? After I set the neck to proper settings, I should adjust the string height to the lowest I can get them with the best sound... I know this, but what about the stopbar tailpiece. Does the position of that have anything to do with action/sustain?

Just looking for these things really:
Space between 6/7 frets and low E with neck adjustment.
(Possible string height settings)
Answer about the stopbar tailpiece question. Is its position significant?

Thanks in advance. ^^
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I don't have any similar guitars that i've lowered the action on but I've found the best way to find out is just trial and error. Managed to sort my stagg out within a couple of days and now it's bitchin