Hot damn! i played one of these today... and jesus it was amazing. It was a Peavey Predator AX, early 90s, USA made, strat copy, etc. etc. Ive played a few american strats, plenty of mexican ones. This thing just destroys all of them. The pickups sounded so damn good and they were stock, its got a strange humbucker-esque bridge, its basically 2 single coils right next to each other, never seen anything like it before. Had a 5-way pickup switch with a "turbo switch" that i couldnt really tell what it did, i think it just activates the humbucker. It was 125.00 and i have like 12.50 in my bank account right now, i was pissed. It was at a local music store selling as consignment, i have a feeling it will be gone before my next paycheck!

Actually i just cruised ebay and this is it, except the one i played was in arctic white with a maple fretboard.

Let me get this straight..

A $125 strat copy made by Peavey blows away an American Strat?

If you speak the truth, I think I'll go pick one up. O.o
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i have 3 peavey guitars, everyone underestimates them! if you buy 80s/early 90s, its all handcrafted in the US, excellent guitars. the hardware might not be up to par with an american strat, but it sure as hell played better than the ones i have played.

I have two Peavey HP Signatures and I absolutely recommend Peavey. I have played $1200 Dean Hardtails that are on par with the mid-line HP at $550.

The weather dictates the tuning needed on the HP Series and that's it. If it is out of tune, it is not by much on my Korg.

I think Peavey makes some of the most underrated guitars out there today.