im gonna try and learn walk today, any tips, mainly b/c it would b the hardest solo ive ever learned
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break it into segments. good solo imo, but i don't like the fit into the song. good luck
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The main riff is done by bending on the first fret, it's not 2-1-0 like most play it.

1b2, 1, 0 is the way it's done like.
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Quote by Ht666
Start slow and gradually build and use a metronome.

Why is everyone so crazy about metronomes?

Are they a valuable learning tool? Yes, they can be.

Do you need to use them all the time? No.

Sure they come in handy when doing some exercises but when learning a song or solo you can manage without.

When you want to learn a song, first of all you should listen to the recording a few times to get it in your head (if you can find a video that can be quite helpful too). Start by learning the riffs and then move on to the solo. When you get to the solo, listen to it a couple of times and then divide it into phrases and licks.

Start practising the segments slowly and don't increase the tempo until your comfortable with playing it a slow pace; pay particular attention to the timing and bends. If you've been practising it for a while you can increase the speed, just make sure it doesn't get sloppy.
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Metronomes just help you build up a natural time for things. That's why people are crazy about it. Then in the solo there is this two handed technique that Dime does and you can learn it from going to Youtube and typing in Dimebag Darrell Lesson and he shows you how to do it.
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