cool, i like it but make the beggining more interesting to catch attention, it also sounds outta sync at the beggining.
Ah nice and heavy, but not too chaotic, with excellent riffage and vocals. Sounds like grungey metal, super sludgy. I think you just need to work on production of the live instruments, cause everything else sounds great.
sorry- i forgot to look at yours. intro sounds cool. i dont really like the vocals but they're good. its good and well put together but i dont like the overall tone.
Structurally sound, with solid riffs. I thought the scream could have done without the effects, but other then that, it was solid. Good job man!
hey thanks on the reply man I thought I wouldn't eneter to give you all a chance j/k

Well, I've listened to assylum in your page before a couple times and I gotta say I enjoyed it.. I like your riffs and your melody but as always this drum beat.... lol... Kick snare, [snare][snare][snare] snare, kick etc.. lol....
I hope you do well this time in the metal competition..

Good job once again.
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Quote by chrisatgrace
thanks guys. i wish you sep 07ners weren't so scant on words.

anyhoo, i listened to this earlier when you entered it in the comp but i didnt know you had a thread on it. this is certainly a bit different from your usual stuff, youve taken a step towards writing moremetal now nice to see. the intro was pretty heavy sounded like some 80's metal then just jumped back into a soft solo, that was a nice effect, i wasnt expecting that .
the lead tone was amazing clean nice arpeggios.

The vocals sound great, probably your best vocal song so far if you ask me. the style fitted perfectly with the feel of the song, like it was hypnotising with the effect on it. then some heavier vocals was a good change in direction.

This is a well composed piece with the mixing of the guitars to come in at different pans and volumes and stuff then the overlapping vocals and everything was flawless.

After that section with the octave chords i think you should have blasted into a shreddy solo tho, i just think it would have fitted great for an outro, but the repeat of the hook was good anyways. another great song.

Up there with dont walk this path. your vocals seemed to have improved from that to this, you should rerecord it with your new skills cos that song owned.

Edit: woah, i didnt realise how much i wrote, the half of it is probably **** talking but w/e lol
The songs cool, but not really my thing. I like the guitar part after the intro bit. the vocal work was also pretty good, but growling is something I don't hear a lot of. It was a different experience for me.
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Not really my type of music actually. But it still sounds cool
Cool solo at the beginning. Sounds good and clean.
The vocals were a bit unexpected, but they suit the song.
I liked the part at 2.01.
There is something about the mixing that I don't like. Maybe it is the reverb.
But it's still good