Yeah, my Ibanez rg570 (customized) suffers from few dents...

First of all, the stock rg570 has edge bridge as i presume. When i bought this particular guitar, it had installed Schaller Floyd rose, and it's overall ok, but suffers from few things.
1) The one most annoying, is that the string spacing is a little to big, so the strings arn't going exactly over pick-ups poles(?). Also E and e strings are so near the neck's edge they tend to slip to the side (espacially e1). Is there any way to solve this problem without need of changing bridge? (low on cash to buy a new good floyd or floyd type)
2) Also it seems this bridge wasn't cleaned from sweat, and it resulted in annoying rust in the parts where you lock the strings. It looks ugly, and there are problems in changing strings... You can't take out/or put in! You know any idea of getting rid of rust and dirt, without striping it from black paint/lacquer?

Other thing, similar to thing 2 with my bridge - the pick-ups poles are rusty and dirty... any easy, and working way to cleanem? (ofc, i'll be thinking of changing them for some Vai endorsed pu-ups. to complete the quasi-Jem look )

All help is welcome.

Oh btw, if you want photos of how those dents/problems look like, i can make em.
Got photo of how it looks:

Tho it didn't catch the problem itself, but you'll get the point...

PLZ help!
I can't be any help on the spacing, but...

Rust usually means that there is no coating on the metal part anymore. If that were my guitar, I'd disassemble the bridge and replace all the bolts in it, and all of the screws in the pickguard, and because I'm so anal about this kind of thing, the pickups too.

You can take steel wool to those bolts if you want, but the rust is just going to come back. I'd opt for a trip to sears for new bolts, personally.

It's hard to tell from the pic, but a new set of strings is probably in order too.
Heh, yeah, i didn't change them (strings) for a while i admit...
floyde rose has different string spacing than toms and such... but the one solution i can think of is to get a seymour duncan trembucker, or a bladed pickup like an emg or a dimebucker...
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I see...

Total update on this thing - it turned out that the guy who selled me this thing didn't know that it wasn't shchaller floyd rose (and i belived it all the way) but an Ibanez Edge... Well... it's now just the problem of what to do with it. I guess i'll clean it up first then think of something.