OK, this isn't definite, but I've been thinking about getting another guitar to be kept in Drop C, more or less exclusively for metal. I want it fixed bridge as I have my S470 for messing around with the bar like that. A fast neck would be great, and I'm not fussed about the number of frets, as I rarely go very high up anyway. My favourite shape is Strat/Super strat style and my favourite brand (for now anyway) is Ibanez, but that's not so important.

Price-wise I'd say around the £350 mark, although I could probably go a bit higher within reason.

So, any recs for me? All are greatly appreciated, cheers!
Washburn x50pro

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Alright, not wanting to champion my own thread too much, I'm almost certainly getting the Washburn X50 Pro (in cognac). I've read around a lot of reviews and stuff but I'd like a couple more opinions before parting with my cash. Would it take heavier strings well? The plan is still to keep it in a low tuning (probably not lower than Drop C though). Thanks again.