I don't think I like the title to this one. Its simply too cliche, but I feel that it fits the song well. Anyways heres the piece:

i remember, in fondness
as though they were a beloved
now dead, only memories
the days when i knew you so well
that i forgot myself
when you were there, always

you held my hand
as i learned of life
through open eyes

but now you show me how
even while falling down
i am high in my own eyes


i hate how this all plays out
just another day to fall down
i hope something happens
before i hit the ground
im out of safety chutes

the pots and pans go flying out
now an empty pack on my back
the ground approaches
i brace for impact
grip tight what high esteem i still hold
here in my own little world
but i still know
just like i did so many hopes ago
my only chance in life
is to let go

Crit for crit!
We're only strays.
You had me locked in until that whole section about the pots and pans. To me it doesn't seem to go with the rest of the song. It's haphazard and jumps around with different things.
Up to that point...thumbs up!!